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20 Mar

I don’t feel like doing anything else for the rest of the day! We went to the Oldsmar flea market this morning, then to Countryside mall. Nothin’ good. We came home long enough for me to pour a glass of wine and then left again! I barely had 2 sips! (p.s. I wasn’t driving) Then we went downtown to Daddy Kool to pick up this guy:

I haven’t gotten any other pictures of it yet, just one with the fun instagram app on my phone.

After Daddy Kool we stopped by the Taco Bus here in St. Pete. Apparently there is one in Tampa too. This was our first visit. I had the vegan ‘steak’ taco. Yum! I was very pleased. Next time I’d like to try the butternut squash tostada.

I’m off to work on this glass of wine and finish a book! xoxo :p…. (raspberries)