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Just real quick

8 Mar

I just dropped the price of all my rings at hellosundae.storenvy.com to $10!

Quick, huh?

Rings and a discount :)

3 Mar

I just posted a few new rings in the shop. Also find me on Facebook and ‘like’ my page for a special discount!

Phew! New earrings from the last few days…

3 Mar

Ok, I started putting the pictures of the new earrings I just posted on my Product on Storenvy page, but I got tired of it. I’ll put them here in a gallery. Much easier to look at! Also, more of my ring supplies came in the mail today, so check the shop a little later for those too!

White night!

3 Mar

Tonight after class I decided to work with white sculpey first before any other color. Silly me always starts messing around with white sculpey after I’ve been using colors such as green, black or red. Or any color really. It is so hard sometimes to scrub every scrap of sculpey off of your fingers and hands, so when you start with another color especially white or yellow, you end up with streaks!

Soooo………I used only white tonight and then a teeensy scrap of light pink. I made 3 white roses (and then threw one away. I made the petals to thin and I broke it on the way out of the oven. Whoops!), 2 white bows and a cute little bunny.

I was going to move onto another light color, but honestly I’m tuckered out. The bunny and the bows are in the oven now and when they come out I’m grabbing a book off the shelf and heading to bed. What book? Hard Times by Charles Dickens.

Hopefully I’ll have more ring bases in tomorrow and these new lovelies along with the pearly green roses and bows from last night will go up on Storenvy. I’ll also post some pictures here too. ‘Night white sculpey!

Hey! New rings up in the shop!

25 Feb

I put 8 rings up in the shop just now! Here are just a few. I also have a gold bow, a larger black bow and a heart listed. Clicking on any of the photos will take you right to the shop.


Better pictures from last night!

25 Feb

As promised, here are some better pictures of the earring and clip I made yesterday. Also, the ring bases came into! Some of them anyway, so check out my Storenvy shop for those a little later today. I’m going to make a few roses too. On to pictures!

(Definitely click and make these pictures biGGer!)

Bad links!

22 Feb

It was brought to my attention today that some of my links in my blog posts did not work! How did I find this out? Someone on twitter said my etsy link on twitter didn’t work. That got me think’ “what if all my Etsy links were bad everywhere?” Sure enough, they were!

Everything is fixed now and I am back to studying for my mid-term in 1.5 hours. Ahhhhh!!!

Etsy http://www.etsy.com/shop/

Storenvy http://hellosundae.storenvy.com/

Facebook http://www.facebook.com/pages/Hello-Sundae-Jewelry/137704919631079

(I only need 3 more ‘likes’ on facebook and that mess at the end of the url will go away. My own vanity url, huzzah!)

Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for your patience!

P.S. I bet the materials to finish my rings will be here soon!

UPDATE! I finally made it over the 25 ‘likes’ hump on facebook. You can find my page at facebook Also, the link above still work. I just thought I’d gush a little!

UPDATE! I got an 82 (B) on that mid-term!

Sneaky peaky!

15 Feb

Here’s a sneak peak into what went down in the lab tonight:

So we’ve got some bows, a rose, a little piece of candy and yes those are donuts. Easier to tell they’re donuts when you’ve got ’em in your hot little hands. Speaking of…

No ring bases yet. Silly me ordered them from China…. uh oh! Of course I only ordered them today but I think I might be hunting some more down that I can get my hands on faster. So if you really want one (and I can do any color) let me know and I will FIND a way to get your order out. These aren’t going in the shop yet so please comment or leave me a post on facebook.

Working on hearts and strawberries next! Oh, and I have Macaw feathers on the way, so look out!

I had a fun idea today…

15 Feb

I’m going to experiment with  adding hot pink along with the feathers into a few earrings. The plan is to use synthetic hair extensions. You know the little clip in ones from Claire’s? Yep, those. That might be cute, huh? I’ll post pictures of course.

Tonight is Glee night! I’m definitely going to work on some rings while I’m watching. Also ring bases are in the mail so look for rings up in the shops early next week!

Etsy & Storenvy

I’m going to make rings too!

14 Feb

I decided to do a few rings. I’ve been himming & hawing (love that phrase) about it for awhile now and I’m going to do it! These are just 2 examples I did a few days ago. They don’t have the actual ring attached yet.

(click for larger images. Go on, it’ll be great!)

I will definitely do other designs and colors. Of course nothing is up in the shop yet but if there are any requests please speak up!

Don’t forget to see what I already have made on Etsy and Storenvy.

Also look for me on Facebook!