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Mail day! (again)

8 Mar

On monday the conchos I ordered came in, I’ve just been too busy to tell anyone!

Then, yesterday? Maybe today more of my feathers came in. I’ve ordered these before and was really happy with them. I just with the pretty things I made with them would sell!

Guess what else I got in the mail? A $10 off a $50 purchase from Publix. Guess who already did her shopping for the month? I think those jerks figured out when I do my big shop and decided to start sending out the coupon a week and a half later. This happened last month too, but I fooled them! I used it anyway, even though I went over budget. Maybe I’lll go waste 50 smackers on snickers bars. That’ll show ’em.


Phew! New earrings from the last few days…

3 Mar

Ok, I started putting the pictures of the new earrings I just posted on my Product on Storenvy page, but I got tired of it. I’ll put them here in a gallery. Much easier to look at! Also, more of my ring supplies came in the mail today, so check the shop a little later for those too!

Today’s agenda! (and mail)

24 Feb

1. Check the mail

2. Organize the tables in the kitchen so I have homework and work space today. (we have 2, one for dinner, the other is small and round & functions as my desk. We chucked my desk when I moved in with Chris, no room!)

3. Halfway through organizing the tables run and check the mail if the box was empty the first time.

4. Homework first! I have a bit of Spanish to do and I have to revise my essay for Brit Lit then drive it downtown tomorrow and find my prof.’s office (again) and turn it in. I have some reading for my other Brit Lit class but since I’m a slacker I’ll wait until the last minute.

5. Check the mail on the way out the door to Michael’s. That is only if the box was empty the ¬†first 2 times. I have to pick up black leather lacing for the peacock feathers I’ll be using today.

**************going to check the mail***********************

(nothing yet!)

6. Start putting feathers together!

So, why check the mail so much? I’m expecting a few packages, even though they were shipped only yesterday. Somehow I think the more i check the box, the faster they’ll get here. Shut up. I’m excited. hahaha

The first batch of ring bases I ordered are on a tug boat from China. Boooo So yesterday I found someone in the states selling them. They’re a slightly different style but they will work just fine. They should be here tomorrow or Saturday. (I’ll still check the box even after the mail has been delivered)

What do I do when there is no mail? I tell myself “no news is good news!) then I pout for a few minutes until something shiny catches my eye. Have fun today!