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Fill in the Blanks Monday

13 Jun
Since the weather is just about stifling here and warm everywhere else, this week’s theme is vacations!
1.   This weekend I’m going to Epcot! We’re doing the 6th (or 7th) annual Drinking Around the World and celebrating a few birthdays. 
2.  My last vacation was not really a vacation. We went to Disney and stayed in a hotel for the night instead of at Chris’s brother’s place. We go to Disney a lot anyway, but we were out of town for a few days and Chris took some time off work.
3.  My next vacation will be (hopefully) after graduation, if not before and I want to go back to Key West.
4.  My favorite way to relax is a glass of wine and a spankin’ new book. Or a glass of wine and a foot massage. Or a glass of wine and a movie. Or a glass of wine and a spankin’ new book at the beach. (See any patterns here?)
5.  When vacationing one should always take loads of pictures and an extra duffel bag for all the extra goodies one might find. 
6.  When vacationing one should never try so hard to stick to a schedule that all the fun is zapped out. Have a list of the things you want to see and do, prioritize “want to do the most” and “it’s ok if we don’t get to it” and just go from there! 
7.  The best part about a vacation is the first night away and the first night back home. The first night away you can truly let your hair down because “YEAH! You’re on vacation!” and the first night home because you can sleep in your own bed and you know you have clean towels and coffee.

The weekend in photos

7 Jun

Last weekend we were busier than I wanted to be haha. Friday night we went to the Munny show (pictures still coming) and Saturday was a car show.

 On Saturday we met up with a few pals at Hollywood Studios for Star Wars Weekends. I high-5ed Chewbacca!

Twining’s Tea Garden at Epcot

6 May

I saved this post for last because tea is my absolute favorite. In England at Epcot they have a tea garden set up across from the Rose and Crown Pub (I had my lunch there… fish and chips). Here are pictures of all the tea!

Pomegranate Delight

Lemon Grass

Earl Grey (my favorite!)

Pure Chamomile (Chris kept saying I needed a cup of this one, I was being a jerk)

China Oolong

Pure White

Mixed Berry

Ta-da! I hope everyone has enjoyed my photos from Epcot! I loved seeing the Flower and Garden festival again, especially since it was daylight this time. If you ever have a chance to go, jump on it! It is gorgeous. Also, the Food and Wine Festival is fun too, pricey but fun. I have a ton and a half more pictures from our many trips to Walt Disney World and maybe someday I’ll do a post for each park.

Flowers and Fairies

5 May

These were also from Epcot yesterday. Flowers, fairies and even a butterfly garden!

These guys were in the butterfly garden


Tinker Bell


I’ll have one more installment in for the Flower and Garden Festival in a little. It will be from the Twining’s tea garden.

Flower & Garden (take 2)

5 May

Yesterday Chris and I zipped over to Epcot to get a better look at the Flower & Garden Festival. I smelled amazing. 

After being greeted by Buzz and Woody, the first thing you smell walking into the park is Lotso the bears fluffy pink fur!

Prince Charming and Cinderella

Princess Aurora and her Prince

Snow White

Belle and the Beast

Cogsworth and Lumière

Lady and the Tramp


Bonsai in Japan (This was my favorite shot of the day)

I have a lot more photos, so I’ll break this down into a few posts. Stay tuned for Fairies and Flowers next!

Hooray for Disney World!

3 Apr

Yesterday Chris and I left for Disney around noon-ish. We decided to go to Magic Kingdom first and as soon as we got there we rode Thunder Mountain. Chris doesn’t like roller coasters, but is such a trooper that he tried out Space Mountain and Thunder Mountain a month or so ago. So far he hasn’t made any plans to go back on Space Mtn. These are a few of the pictures I took yesterday. I didn’t bring a regular camera with me because I didn’t feel like carrying it. I used the instagram app on my iPhone instead. Find me, I’m Hellosundae on instagram. See if you can figure out where some of these were taken! There are a few obvious ones…

Ps. The rays of sun in the 2nd photo weren’t created by the filter, the sunshine was great yesterday!

About last night…

2 Apr

I changed my mind, dad-gum-it! A birdy suggested I go to the Jet Reception anyway. For the the free booze if nothing else. It was fun. There were less cars there than last year and I think they tried to compensate by parking bigger jets in the hanger. Haha.

It was still a good time…. until I fell. Boooo. I got my heel caught in a metal grate and went down. Surprisingly, nothing got bruised except my pride. I fell in front of the all carbon fiber Bugatti (I just slobbered on my keyboard thinking about that car again!) Let me just inform everyone: I was not drunk or even close to it. I only had about 1 glass of wine up until then. The pours were on the small side (except the one after the fall, I thought I was going to get the whole bottle!) I simply got up, brushed myself off and laughed about it for the rest of the evening. I was curious how much my dress flew up though. I asked Chris what color my undies were… he was clueless which makes me believe that no one else saw that much either! Huzzah!

This was the giant jet they tried to fill space up with.  Haha

Mmmm Peroni

This bike was painted with all kinds of crazy scenes  that reminded me of Art History class.

Here’s a photo of the yummy Bugatti from Miami in November.

Enough about cars though! I’m going to Disney today!!! Have a happy saturday!