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Backyard BBQ

29 May

I love love love live music. I also love nice sunny days. Yesterday was just a little too sunny though (I ended up with a burned chest and burned feet. I missed a lot with the sunscreen!)

Chris and I rode our bikes downtown to Vinoy Park for the concert put on by my favorite radio station. Every Memorial Day weekend they put together a bunch of awesome bands and a few up and coming locals bands and the rest of us get to rock out! This year the concert was……..free.

Some of the bands were AWOLnation, Sick Puppies, Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Panic! at the Disco and The Airborne Toxic Event. I was really looking forward to seeing Panic! but The Airborne Toxic guys and gal stole the show. This was the first time I’d seen them live and I think I have a new favorite band…

Just look at this guy! He climbed up the stage!

Anyhoo….remember the last show I went to and the good, bad and ugly fashion I reported back? Here we go again!

  • As we all know, when the temperature goes up clothes come off, but please wear a bra or a bikini top under your tank top. I really don’t want to see sagggggy nipples. I understand some girls are tiny enough to get away without a bra. I’m speaking to the ladies (myself included) who know they need a little support.
  • While we’re on the subject. Men! Please wear a shirt! Or wear pasties, that would be hilarious. Or tassels. Ok I’ll stop haha
  • Have you ever seen someone wear a bra under her bikini top? I never had until yesterday. The girl wasn’t even so super busty that she needed the extra lift. I mean a regular ol’ bra under a triangle halter bikini. weird.
  • I have never seen so many teensy girls wearing giant shirts that they were hanging off so badly that they may as well have not been wearing the shirt at all! I saw more bras yesterday than I did the whole time I worked at Victoria’s Secret! Also, does everyone know how a bra should fit? Clearly not haha. Someday soon I need to do a bra post. They are kinda near and dear to me.
  • Again, guys pull up your pants. They only underwear I’m interested in seeing are mine and my guy’s… in private. Isn’t that why it’s called underwear anyway? They’re supposed to be under your pants. Undies cover private parts, so let’s keep our undies private too!
  • I said this last time and I hate even bringing it up. Dear Curvy girls, I understand you want to be as comfortable as the half naked twigs running around. There are ways of doing this and not looking like trash! Wear something comfy, but don’t forget coverage! I’m definitely not a twig, I wore a pair of khaki shorts that fit well with a airy blue sleeveless top. The only skin sticking out was the legs out of the bottom of the shorts and the arms and chest from the top of my shirt. I don’t like looking at half naked sweaty, skrawny girls, the same goes for sweaty,  half naked thick girls. Again, please don’t be offended. That’s not my goal. It took me years to realize that a size is just a number. A silly, silly number. It’s what’s on the inside that matters.
  • There were soooooo many cute dresses out there yesterday. And hats and sandals. I wish the 2 sewing machines in my kitchen would work!
  •  Speaking of sandals…. ever been to an outdoor concert in a park? Everyone’s feet were filthy! Haha. There was so much dirt in out shower after we got out of it yesterday! good times…
  • Also, there were loads of cute homemade cut up tops. Look out for a tutorial!