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I heart Cinque

24 May

This is the patch I wore for most of the time while I was in the army….

Looks familiar….


My fur babies —2

29 Mar

This post is a continuation from a previous one about my zoo…..

…..A few days after I graduated with my AA we were in the pet store and I fell for a little grey and tan kitten. I loved her from the minute I layed eyes on her. No sooner had I made the biggest puppy eyes at Chris, she was out of the cage and in my arms. It took about a week to name her, such a psychotic personality! I ended up naming her Cheetara. This little girl talksĀ all the time. Meow, meow to herself, the wall, me, the refrigerator…everything! Cheetara haa a twitter account… @CheetaraMarie check her out! She doesn’t have as much time to tweet as much as she used to. Also, when she learned that twitter didn’t actually involve any real birds she lost interest.

A few months later we figured out that Cheetara was a “Mama’s girl” and Chris, the cat-lover started feeling left out. I suggested that he go look at kitties while I was in an evening class and we’d go from there. I got a phone call that night about a little black kitten without a tail. I got out of class early that night and we raced back tot he pet store to see the kitten together. I could tell Chris was smitten, but since we didn’t have the cat carrier with us, the kitty had to spend one more night in the store. The next morning I woke up early, on my day off school! to go get the little kitty. I got to spend the entire day with him until Chris came home from work (he was so jealous and excited all at the same time). In the end, the kitten was names Cinque, after a car. Chris insists that Cinque, or Chinky, is made of carbon fiber (the sleek black fur) and is a racing machine. Cinque is also a manx so when he runs it’s more of a hop!

Both cats get along great with the ferrets. We let them play with each other as soon as we brought them home (well, kind of. Both of the cats were sick when we adopted them, so when they were better they met the ferts). All of them have a healthy respect for the vacuum cleaner, except Sashimi. Everyone runs from the vacuum, Shimi war dances and zig-zags at it. Crazy girl!

That’s it for the fuzzies! Lizards and turtles next!

Cats hate water. Ask me how I know.

3 Feb

I bathed all the animals with fur in the house today… ahahaha 2 of my 3 ferrets swim like otters in the bathtub and both of the cats hate my guts more and more each minute they are in the tub. The ferrets got their baths first and they dry pretty quick but I managed to snap pics of the drenched and angry kitties.

This is Cheetara, she went first…

This is Cinque, he went next. He’s easier to rinse because he does not have a tail.

I really don’t like bathing the cats. They make it so miserable! I really can’t understand why domestic cats are such chickens and wild cats swim all day. I think this time was the first time I have EVER bathed an animal and walked away unscathed. No scratches, bruises or bruised tail bones (don’t ask).