Fill in the Blanks Monday

13 Jun
Since the weather is just about stifling here and warm everywhere else, this week’s theme is vacations!
1.   This weekend I’m going to Epcot! We’re doing the 6th (or 7th) annual Drinking Around the World and celebrating a few birthdays. 
2.  My last vacation was not really a vacation. We went to Disney and stayed in a hotel for the night instead of at Chris’s brother’s place. We go to Disney a lot anyway, but we were out of town for a few days and Chris took some time off work.
3.  My next vacation will be (hopefully) after graduation, if not before and I want to go back to Key West.
4.  My favorite way to relax is a glass of wine and a spankin’ new book. Or a glass of wine and a foot massage. Or a glass of wine and a movie. Or a glass of wine and a spankin’ new book at the beach. (See any patterns here?)
5.  When vacationing one should always take loads of pictures and an extra duffel bag for all the extra goodies one might find. 
6.  When vacationing one should never try so hard to stick to a schedule that all the fun is zapped out. Have a list of the things you want to see and do, prioritize “want to do the most” and “it’s ok if we don’t get to it” and just go from there! 
7.  The best part about a vacation is the first night away and the first night back home. The first night away you can truly let your hair down because “YEAH! You’re on vacation!” and the first night home because you can sleep in your own bed and you know you have clean towels and coffee.

New necklaces!

12 Jun

I just posted these up in the shop! I don’t go on about my shop a lot around here, but this is what I’ve been working on for the last few days.


2 hour vacation

11 Jun

Last night was just what I needed. A little time to forget about school for a few minutes and spend some time with Chris. It was just like old times. We had burritos and mango margaritas in the back yard. Mmmm Oh and chips and salsa con queso. After dinner Chris had a cigar and I may or may not have had a little too much to drink.

This made me vomit salt from mine eyes…

11 Jun

This was a discussion post to my American lit class. I cried lots. Ask Chris. Ask Cheetara. Ask Cinque. He’s still hanging out in bed with me.

“As an OIF veteran , one of the two (or maybe three) in this class, I’m having a hard time wrapping my head around any of the pieces we looked at this week. I understand them, that’s not the problem, I just cannot think of a way to respond to them or anyone’s posts on them so that you may understand without thinking I’m completely crazy. This might sound like a cop-out to some, but when you can fill in my size 4 combat boots, we’ll talk. The title alone of Taggard’s “To the Veteran’s of the Abraham Lincoln Brigade” first made me think of the sweaty hours I spent waiting for a flight in Kuwait. I was reading Harry Potter (Deathly Hallows) and it made me think of Dumbledore’s Army. The kids at Hogwarts would do anything to stand up for what they thought was just, they even formed a militia in support of their ideals. February 11, 2001. I joined a “militia” very similar to this at the age of 17. I thought I was going after the “bad guys” and I had not even graduated high school yet. I wanted to graduate early, but when the papers needed to be signed, everything was based on a moral decision. The principle of my high school would not let me graduate early because he feared my blood on his hands if something happened to me. I went along in my military career for another four and a half years before I finally made it overseas. I joined to “fight the fight,” just like the non-spanish speakers in Taggard’s poem. While George Bush was waging the war on terrorism I knew nothing about Islam. It never even occurred to me that it was a religion until a few months before I started to train at Ft. Dix to go in the combat zone. Silly right? I was as naïve as the kids in Taggard’s poem. I just wanted to get the “wrong doers.” I wanted to catch (kill) the commies and make America proud. It wasn’t until my tour in Iraq that I was aware of my mental illness, obsessive compulsive disorder. Until then I thought I was picky, but my battle buddies told me I was crazy and my that rituals were cumbersome. This in particular reminds me of FDR’s speech “The Four Freedoms” because the “freedom” I am most grateful for is the “freedom from fear.” From my first month in Iraq on I was afraid. I acted big and tough (and still do), but on the inside I knew that that the Cinnabon I got after a 2 hour bus ride had to be eaten from the the center out. I never knew if a mortar would  hit our bus or if our bus driver was evil and would cart us off base. All I knew was that I would probably die without yumminess of the center of a Cinnabon bun in my tummy. I also (knew) thought that my roommates on post and loved ones at home would be disgusted to know that my uniforms were folded sloppily. I also felt that if I didn’t maintain some sort of routine and order in the middle of chaos, I might lose part of my self. This was and still is fear that we should never have to live through. The freedom from fear is something I dream of everyday. The idea that I might disappoint someone whom I care for is a constant fear. I believe that by giving up a part of my life I may have given someone else a bit of peace.”

Daily Animal Doodle… Day 8 Hedgehog

8 Jun

Day 8: Hedgehog

Phew! One week down! Again, if you missed it I’m participating in Paper Sparrow’s Daily Animal Doodle Project. Check out the Flickr group. My favorite drawings so far belong to Rachele from The Nearsighted Owl.

Day 1 BearDay 2 FoxDay 3 PigDay 4 Llama, Day 5 Orangutan, Day 6 Kangaroo, Day 7 Sheep

This is what school is doing to me…

8 Jun

I’ve been back in school now for 9 semesters straight. I only have 2 more left to finish my BA. I can’t stop and take a break because of my GI Bill and I think if I took a semester off I might spread my wings too far for them to ever fit through a classroom door again. I’ll be looking for work in a week or so because I only have 1 class for July and August and my classes in the Fall are crammed into 2 days. The rest of the time before Fall classes start I need to rest my brain. Don’t expect any intellectually profound posts either. Fun stuff only.

“My paper: check quotes, cover memo, works cited, mark up paper with comments… what the reader should get out of the quotes and ideas. Thesis, transitions, intro/conclusions, punctuation, grammar, sentence structure, keep eccentricities of authors prose. Explain funny spelling to the reading in comments. I could never be an lol cat. “this” and “these” are pronouns. Verbs are the strong part of the sentence, adjectives are less strong. Do semi colon post. I am so tired of pretending to be smart.”

Daily Animal Doodle… Day 5-7

7 Jun

Whoops! I’ve been a little too busy to post these, so here goes!

Day 5: Orangutan

I didn’t google what they actually looked like. I felt like it would take away from the authenticity of a “doodle.” I could only see King Louie from The Jungle Book in my head and so I went with it!

Day 6: Kangaroo

Day 7: Sheep

Sexy legs on a sheep-ess (or ewe)? Yes.

Day 1 BearDay 2 FoxDay 3 Pig, Day 4 Llama

The weekend in photos

7 Jun

Last weekend we were busier than I wanted to be haha. Friday night we went to the Munny show (pictures still coming) and Saturday was a car show.

 On Saturday we met up with a few pals at Hollywood Studios for Star Wars Weekends. I high-5ed Chewbacca!

Fill in the Blanks Monday

6 Jun
1.   I love my sister  because I know that when there is no one else left in the world, she will always be there to answer the phone to listen to me cry about a boy, school or even just a really big bug.
2.  A time that mama knew best was when she said “guys like a girl who can drive a stick.” She meant drive a car with a manual transmission. My mother is not a good person, but she taught me how to “drive a stick.” haha
3.  My first kiss went a little like this It was kind of a sneak attack. Cory came over to use the phone at my house after school and then before he left he kissed me. I had no clue it was coming. He was so nervous because he thought I was going to slap him. I was in 9th grade, he was in 10th. I was pretty much a late bloomer I guess.
4.  My celebrity crush is Johnny Depp. I understand he is so crushed on that he probably can’t breathe right now, but a zillion women in the world can’t be wrong. The man is purty.
5.  My splurge of choice is clothes or vinyl toys.
6.  My biggest accomplishment is making it 8 years in the military. I’d say college, but I’m not done yet 😉
7.  My dance jam of choice is usually something silly. I like “Hong Kong Garden” by Siouxsie and the Banshees.

Daily Animal Doodle… Day 4 (and why it’s a ‘lil late)

5 Jun

Ok, Day 4! Llama. tough. I just finished, technically it’s day 5 right now and I should be drawing an Orangutan (crap!) but because of a drunk chick I am a little behind. I give you My Drunk Kitchen… (a bit of potty mouth, I wouldn’t turn your speakers up if you’re at work.)

Anyhoo, I watched all the videos with Chris. We howled and it was awesome! I can’t wait to give it a go. haha


For more llamas check out the Flickr group.

Day 1 BearDay 2 Fox, Day 3 Pig