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Crazy amounts…

27 May

…of talent!

My boyfriend is Superman with a camera. Usually cars are more his thing when it comes to hitting the shutter button, but once in a while he takes a detour.

Look what we did today!

For more of his work check out


In pictures…

27 May

These are the hi-lites from this last week!

Chris and I got new bicycles! (Mine is the yellow one.)

We got a few new toys…! (I didn’t take pictures of all of them, but we also got the marshmallow, the bomb, the egg one, and the cheese one from the BFF series. We also picked up a few DIY munnies.)

Chris and I spent a little time downtown today. You know, checkin’ out the art scene. We picked up some of the toys mentioned above. I also bought a really cute shirt. I’m going to have to alter it because it is way too big.

Walking around downtown we saw a cute little robot drawn in chalk on the side of Daddy Kool records.

I did my first guest post and giveaway!

How picture-perfect was your week?

Teapots and toys

9 May

Today has been pretty good! It started out way too early though. I had to have some blood work done. My appointment was at 830am, but I got in early and was home by 830. I snuggled back into bed for a little… ok…. a lot. It’s technically my summer break so it’s ok. For lunch/dinner Chris and I went to the Taco Bus in St. Pete. I had the vegan tempeh quesadilla. YUM. Afterwards we went to Daddy Kool for a few new toys. We each bought a BFF blind box.

I got the cupcake!!!! It was exactly the one I wanted. This was not the first time I got exactly what I wanted out of a blind box! Chris got the little hamburger one.

After Daddy Kool we decided to pop into Goodwill, just to have a look. I picked up a corning ware casserole dish and these:

I’m a little sad that I couldn’t find the last one, but at least I was lucky enough to find the ones I did… at .75 cents each!

Then we went over to the other Goodwill, not to find the other measuring cup, but just to see what was what. I found this super awesome teapot. It is in great shape and adorable…. $3.

Also, last night I finished the blanket I’ve been working on. I’ll post pictures later. Happy Monday! xoxo


20 Mar

I don’t feel like doing anything else for the rest of the day! We went to the Oldsmar flea market this morning, then to Countryside mall. Nothin’ good. We came home long enough for me to pour a glass of wine and then left again! I barely had 2 sips! (p.s. I wasn’t driving) Then we went downtown to Daddy Kool to pick up this guy:

I haven’t gotten any other pictures of it yet, just one with the fun instagram app on my phone.

After Daddy Kool we stopped by the Taco Bus here in St. Pete. Apparently there is one in Tampa too. This was our first visit. I had the vegan ‘steak’ taco. Yum! I was very pleased. Next time I’d like to try the butternut squash tostada.

I’m off to work on this glass of wine and finish a book! xoxo :p…. (raspberries)

New things that have come my way…

20 Jan

Huzzah! Today the Dunny Azteca II series was released. Chris and I attended a midnight release at Daddy Kool. Someone even brought cupcakes. Perfect: cupcakes and vinyl. I’m not interested in the new Dunny series, I don’t think they were very creative. Some of them don’t even have faces! You have to add them yourself with stickers! For crying out loud, if I wanted to customize a dunny I would (and I have), but I would not pay someone else to start the project for me. Chris picked up a few and luckily he didn’t get any duplicates. I was mainly there for this…

Du-dun-duuuuuhhhh!!! Badtz Maru by Amanda Visell. I collect a lot of AV and of course I love Hello Kitty and all things Sanrio.

The next really awesome new toy I have is my Kindle. I’ve had it for a week now and I heart it. I love books. Unfortunately, with our ever growing vinyl  collection I have less and less space for another book shelf. The one we have is full, but not stuffed. Yet. I’m an English Lit major… that means lots and lots of books. Big obnoxious anthologies and skinny little novels. A Kindle was a smart buy because now it gives me tons of space for all the books I could ever want! I even made my own sleeve for it.

Imagine squeezing ALL those books into that little thing. I know, I’m excited too.

The last fun thing is just a little one. I’m easily amused and I love tequila. Especially Patrón Café. Yum-o. I receive little bits from the Patrón Social Club now and then and today I found a cute little key chain in the mail box.

Nice, dark picture so you can see all the detail put into it. It’s a little on the heavy side. On the back is the bee logo, mind the finger prints. (They didn’t send me the bottle…. I wish! It was just an empty.)

If you’d like to receive little treasures from Patrón sign up (and drink up) here. They even sent me a bundt cake for 2 for my birthday.