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Thursdae, Bikedae

23 Jun

Is Thursday a good day to discuss my adventures with my bicycle? I think so. I rode to and from school on Monday, but I drove the car on Tuesday. I was exhausted. Yesterday I rode my usual route to school but decided to take the Pinellas Trail home. I got on the trail at Tropicana field and got off at 58th st N. A hike. I like to go different ways because I like to look around! Yesterday I saw parts of St. Petersburg that I had never seen before. Here are some photos I took with my crappy old iPhone.

One more goofy “What I Wore”

Shirt: old Grand Prix tee, shorts: Gap, Shoes: who knows

Today was my last real ride of the week. It was also my last day of term A Summer classes. I celebrated by slacking off and pedaling slow!


The weekend in photos

7 Jun

Last weekend we were busier than I wanted to be haha. Friday night we went to the Munny show (pictures still coming) and Saturday was a car show.

 On Saturday we met up with a few pals at Hollywood Studios for Star Wars Weekends. I high-5ed Chewbacca!


27 May

Ok, another kick-ass girl picture!

This one was slightly different.

For a few more click here.

Crazy amounts…

27 May

…of talent!

My boyfriend is Superman with a camera. Usually cars are more his thing when it comes to hitting the shutter button, but once in a while he takes a detour.

Look what we did today!

For more of his work check out

In pictures…

27 May

These are the hi-lites from this last week!

Chris and I got new bicycles! (Mine is the yellow one.)

We got a few new toys…! (I didn’t take pictures of all of them, but we also got the marshmallow, the bomb, the egg one, and the cheese one from the BFF series. We also picked up a few DIY munnies.)

Chris and I spent a little time downtown today. You know, checkin’ out the art scene. We picked up some of the toys mentioned above. I also bought a really cute shirt. I’m going to have to alter it because it is way too big.

Walking around downtown we saw a cute little robot drawn in chalk on the side of Daddy Kool records.

I did my first guest post and giveaway!

How picture-perfect was your week?

I heart Cinque

24 May

This is the patch I wore for most of the time while I was in the army….

Looks familiar….

Funny picture

22 May

I just found this picture from the beginning of March and thought I’d share it.

Don’t you just hate when this happens?

 I spill lots of stuff in my cups holders. It’s almost a daily occurrence! This was the morning I was shooting the Honda Grand Prix indie car and the president of HGP and his posse. It was raining and miserable, but at least this made me laugh.

Have a great rest of the day and I hope your Monday isn’t a “spilled drink in the cup holder” kinda day!

Flower & Garden (take 1)

3 Apr

After the Magic Kingdom we popped over to Epcot. Our plan was to ride Test Track and say hi to Chris’s brother. Well, we didn’t make it on any rides but we did see a lot of the Flower and Garden Festival. We plan on going back again to see everything in the daylight. Here are a few pictures I snapped before the light faded. Warning: The pictures aren’t great.

My favorite part of the evening (besides spending it with Chris) was the Twining’s tea garden. I just wanted to walk through with my tea cup and make my own blend! All of the little plants were planted in tea cups and all of the flowers smelled amazing.

Hooray for Disney World!

3 Apr

Yesterday Chris and I left for Disney around noon-ish. We decided to go to Magic Kingdom first and as soon as we got there we rode Thunder Mountain. Chris doesn’t like roller coasters, but is such a trooper that he tried out Space Mountain and Thunder Mountain a month or so ago. So far he hasn’t made any plans to go back on Space Mtn. These are a few of the pictures I took yesterday. I didn’t bring a regular camera with me because I didn’t feel like carrying it. I used the instagram app on my iPhone instead. Find me, I’m Hellosundae on instagram. See if you can figure out where some of these were taken! There are a few obvious ones…

Ps. The rays of sun in the 2nd photo weren’t created by the filter, the sunshine was great yesterday!

About last night…

2 Apr

I changed my mind, dad-gum-it! A birdy suggested I go to the Jet Reception anyway. For the the free booze if nothing else. It was fun. There were less cars there than last year and I think they tried to compensate by parking bigger jets in the hanger. Haha.

It was still a good time…. until I fell. Boooo. I got my heel caught in a metal grate and went down. Surprisingly, nothing got bruised except my pride. I fell in front of the all carbon fiber Bugatti (I just slobbered on my keyboard thinking about that car again!) Let me just inform everyone: I was not drunk or even close to it. I only had about 1 glass of wine up until then. The pours were on the small side (except the one after the fall, I thought I was going to get the whole bottle!) I simply got up, brushed myself off and laughed about it for the rest of the evening. I was curious how much my dress flew up though. I asked Chris what color my undies were… he was clueless which makes me believe that no one else saw that much either! Huzzah!

This was the giant jet they tried to fill space up with.  Haha

Mmmm Peroni

This bike was painted with all kinds of crazy scenes  that reminded me of Art History class.

Here’s a photo of the yummy Bugatti from Miami in November.

Enough about cars though! I’m going to Disney today!!! Have a happy saturday!