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This made me vomit salt from mine eyes…

11 Jun

This was a discussion post to my American lit class. I cried lots. Ask Chris. Ask Cheetara. Ask Cinque. He’s still hanging out in bed with me.

“As an OIF veteran , one of the two (or maybe three) in this class, I’m having a hard time wrapping my head around any of the pieces we looked at this week. I understand them, that’s not the problem, I just cannot think of a way to respond to them or anyone’s posts on them so that you may understand without thinking I’m completely crazy. This might sound like a cop-out to some, but when you can fill in my size 4 combat boots, we’ll talk. The title alone of Taggard’s “To the Veteran’s of the Abraham Lincoln Brigade” first made me think of the sweaty hours I spent waiting for a flight in Kuwait. I was reading Harry Potter (Deathly Hallows) and it made me think of Dumbledore’s Army. The kids at Hogwarts would do anything to stand up for what they thought was just, they even formed a militia in support of their ideals. February 11, 2001. I joined a “militia” very similar to this at the age of 17. I thought I was going after the “bad guys” and I had not even graduated high school yet. I wanted to graduate early, but when the papers needed to be signed, everything was based on a moral decision. The principle of my high school would not let me graduate early because he feared my blood on his hands if something happened to me. I went along in my military career for another four and a half years before I finally made it overseas. I joined to “fight the fight,” just like the non-spanish speakers in Taggard’s poem. While George Bush was waging the war on terrorism I knew nothing about Islam. It never even occurred to me that it was a religion until a few months before I started to train at Ft. Dix to go in the combat zone. Silly right? I was as naïve as the kids in Taggard’s poem. I just wanted to get the “wrong doers.” I wanted to catch (kill) the commies and make America proud. It wasn’t until my tour in Iraq that I was aware of my mental illness, obsessive compulsive disorder. Until then I thought I was picky, but my battle buddies told me I was crazy and my that rituals were cumbersome. This in particular reminds me of FDR’s speech “The Four Freedoms” because the “freedom” I am most grateful for is the “freedom from fear.” From my first month in Iraq on I was afraid. I acted big and tough (and still do), but on the inside I knew that that the Cinnabon I got after a 2 hour bus ride had to be eaten from the the center out. I never knew if a mortar would  hit our bus or if our bus driver was evil and would cart us off base. All I knew was that I would probably die without yumminess of the center of a Cinnabon bun in my tummy. I also (knew) thought that my roommates on post and loved ones at home would be disgusted to know that my uniforms were folded sloppily. I also felt that if I didn’t maintain some sort of routine and order in the middle of chaos, I might lose part of my self. This was and still is fear that we should never have to live through. The freedom from fear is something I dream of everyday. The idea that I might disappoint someone whom I care for is a constant fear. I believe that by giving up a part of my life I may have given someone else a bit of peace.”


Funny picture

22 May

I just found this picture from the beginning of March and thought I’d share it.

Don’t you just hate when this happens?

 I spill lots of stuff in my cups holders. It’s almost a daily occurrence! This was the morning I was shooting the Honda Grand Prix indie car and the president of HGP and his posse. It was raining and miserable, but at least this made me laugh.

Have a great rest of the day and I hope your Monday isn’t a “spilled drink in the cup holder” kinda day!

Twining’s Tea Garden at Epcot

6 May

I saved this post for last because tea is my absolute favorite. In England at Epcot they have a tea garden set up across from the Rose and Crown Pub (I had my lunch there… fish and chips). Here are pictures of all the tea!

Pomegranate Delight

Lemon Grass

Earl Grey (my favorite!)

Pure Chamomile (Chris kept saying I needed a cup of this one, I was being a jerk)

China Oolong

Pure White

Mixed Berry

Ta-da! I hope everyone has enjoyed my photos from Epcot! I loved seeing the Flower and Garden festival again, especially since it was daylight this time. If you ever have a chance to go, jump on it! It is gorgeous. Also, the Food and Wine Festival is fun too, pricey but fun. I have a ton and a half more pictures from our many trips to Walt Disney World and maybe someday I’ll do a post for each park.

Flowers and Fairies

5 May

These were also from Epcot yesterday. Flowers, fairies and even a butterfly garden!

These guys were in the butterfly garden


Tinker Bell


I’ll have one more installment in for the Flower and Garden Festival in a little. It will be from the Twining’s tea garden.

Flower & Garden (take 2)

5 May

Yesterday Chris and I zipped over to Epcot to get a better look at the Flower & Garden Festival. I smelled amazing. 

After being greeted by Buzz and Woody, the first thing you smell walking into the park is Lotso the bears fluffy pink fur!

Prince Charming and Cinderella

Princess Aurora and her Prince

Snow White

Belle and the Beast

Cogsworth and Lumière

Lady and the Tramp


Bonsai in Japan (This was my favorite shot of the day)

I have a lot more photos, so I’ll break this down into a few posts. Stay tuned for Fairies and Flowers next!

Abc’s of me!

8 Apr
Well, since I read quite a few blogs, I can’t attribute this little gem to any one person. The last place I saw it was on Scenic Glory’s blog. Here goes:
Bed Size: full
Chore you hate:  folding socks
Dogs:  Sadly, none.
Essential start of your day:  a kiss
Favorite Color:  pink
Gold or silver:  I prefer silver, but I do have a few gold bits that I never wear.
Height: We measured me a few months ago after I stretched. 5’3
Instruments I play (or have played): i used to play the guitar and a little piano.
Job Title: Student, for now.
Kids: No, thanks.
Live: St. Pete, Fl
Mom’s Name: Julia
Nickname:  Jenny (short for Jennifer)
Overnight hospital stays: None yet!
Pet Peeve: being interrupted when I’m speaking. Bad drivers.
Quote from a movie: “Nobody puts Baby in a corner.”
Right or left handed: right
Siblings: 2 sisters, 2 brothers
Time you wake up:  Usually around 8:30 am
Underwear: I only wear VS Pink haha
Vegetables you dislike: corn y Brussels sprouts
What makes you run late: I always have to run back to the kitchen to refill the ferret’s water bottle.
X-rays you’ve had done: arms, chest, knees, ankles
Yummy food you make: every time I turn the stove on magic happens.
Zoo animal: toss up! Zebra and Giraffe
Your turn!

Flower & Garden (take 1)

3 Apr

After the Magic Kingdom we popped over to Epcot. Our plan was to ride Test Track and say hi to Chris’s brother. Well, we didn’t make it on any rides but we did see a lot of the Flower and Garden Festival. We plan on going back again to see everything in the daylight. Here are a few pictures I snapped before the light faded. Warning: The pictures aren’t great.

My favorite part of the evening (besides spending it with Chris) was the Twining’s tea garden. I just wanted to walk through with my tea cup and make my own blend! All of the little plants were planted in tea cups and all of the flowers smelled amazing.

Hooray for Disney World!

3 Apr

Yesterday Chris and I left for Disney around noon-ish. We decided to go to Magic Kingdom first and as soon as we got there we rode Thunder Mountain. Chris doesn’t like roller coasters, but is such a trooper that he tried out Space Mountain and Thunder Mountain a month or so ago. So far he hasn’t made any plans to go back on Space Mtn. These are a few of the pictures I took yesterday. I didn’t bring a regular camera with me because I didn’t feel like carrying it. I used the instagram app on my iPhone instead. Find me, I’m Hellosundae on instagram. See if you can figure out where some of these were taken! There are a few obvious ones…

Ps. The rays of sun in the 2nd photo weren’t created by the filter, the sunshine was great yesterday!

I smell great!

22 Mar

I’ve been thinking of a lot of ideas lately for posts I’d like to do and one of them is smells. Scents can remind us of people, places and old memories. These are of a few of my scent memories:

The first thing I think of when I smell Irish Spring soap is my father. I mean my Daddy. That’s what I call him. It smells good. My Daddy is a very smart guy and I think know I get my brains from him!

Ahhhh Cucumber Melon from Bath & Body Works. My high school reeked of this scent AND Warm Vanilla Sugar (that one was my favorite back then.) This one always reminds me of my friends at the beginning of my freshman year in high school. Ps This smell also reminds me of my friend Fawn from back in the day because she always wore it.

This next yummy smell is also from high school! I love Country Apple, another BBW scent. Why I never bought it until after high school I will never know. Haha If it can be said that I hoard anything…. I hoard Country Apple! I have about 5 bottles of the lotion and probably 4 of the shower gels…

In January of my senior year I started working at Victoria’s Secret. I fell in love with Pretty In Pink. This scent always makes me think of the beautiful opera-like music that they used to play in the VS stores. It also makes me think of the house I lived in and all my crazy roommates that I had at the time. Fun times. (This is such an old tube, but it still smells great! Lucky for me it was brought out of retirement!)

That same year after graduation I started working at The Gap too. It was literally across from the VS in the mall. I always were Heaven, my friend Hallie wore Dream and Daphne wore So Pink. Hallie and Daph also worked at The Gap, but they left for college before I started working there. Heaven reminds me of new clothes and Starbucks. Every time I wear it I remember re-folding the denim wall at work!

I don’t wear this one very much anymore. The bottle doesn’t stand up anymore either because I left it in my car on a sunny day. The sun warped the bottle. whoops! The reason I don’t wear this one, Romantic Wish by Victoria’s Secret, is because I wore this lotion when I was at Ft. Dix training for Iraq. That was a tough and tiring time for me. 16 hour training days. Outside, hot, summer. This smell always brings me back to my bunk in Jersey. I missed home, but not the house my stuff was in back home. I was kind of lost. I actually couldn’t wait to get to Iraq. Now this smell reminds me of long days and the loneliness I felt in my gut everyday. Sure, my ex was there with me (we were together at the time) but he was a piece of trash. I knew it at the time, I just thought I needed someone. Pshh I didn’t. I wish I could go back and slap myself!

Love Spell! This scent is one of, if not the most popular scent from VS. I started wearing this lotion towards the end of my tour in Iraq. I loved how it smelled and everyone else appreciated how I smelled too. I felt like the air freshener in every room I walked into! This smell took awhile for me to start wearing again when I came home. It reminded me of Iraq and I just wanted to forget it for awhile. I did wear Love Spell the first night I met my boyfriend and on our first few dates. The scent made me feel strong. I was strong enough to make it through Iraq, I could get through a date! Now the memories of our first dates are starting to overshadow Iraq.

Last, Country Chic is the newest scent from BBW. They’re only selling the small sizes right now, but it comes out in a few weeks. I just picked this up last night. It smelled nice in the store so I pick up 2 lotions and a splash. When I smelled it again at home away from the millions of other smells at BBW, I was stunned! It smells wonderful. It smells like the summer of 1996. Haha It reminded me of mine and my sister’s friend Lauren. Lauren, in my mind is picture of country chic. The light airy scent reminded me of the summer we spent hanging out with Lauren at her house and in the backyard.


Cindy, Barbie & Me

28 Jan

Earlier this evening (technically yesterday now) Chris and went wandering through Toys R Us. While he was looking at legos, I made a trip to “the pink aisle.” You know what I’m talking about, the Barbie aisle. I have noticed it isn’t as bright pink as it used to be. Anyway, I found her:

When I first laid eyes on her frothy peach gown my mouth flapped open. I instantly had a flashback. Cindy and I used to have this EXACT dress for our Barbie dolls. I snapped a picture of it and sent it to her. Cindy had the same reaction. Funny how things come back like that to remind you of happy, innocent times. I miss playing dolls with my sister. We spent more time dressing and styling our dolls than we actually spent pretending they were at the mall or a dance.

Remember how Barbie walked? She kinda hopped around on her tippy toes and when you tried to move her legs to actually make her take strides she’d start bending backwards at the waist? Good times…