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Flourish Leather

13 Jun

A few weeks ago Danielle launched her shop Flourish. She makes braided leather bracelets that are just the best! I ordered mine fast and I love them. I also have a blue one and a pretty (slightly) iridescent white one. I love how they fit my natural “tree hugger” style and don’t clash with my feathers. Go on and check out her shop on etsy!


New necklaces!

12 Jun

I just posted these up in the shop! I don’t go on about my shop a lot around here, but this is what I’ve been working on for the last few days.


Hello, Sundae x Lilac & Lace

26 May

Hey everybody! Go check out my guest post and the other festivities over at Heather’s blog, Lilac & Lace. She’s having a blog party!

Also, don’t forget to enter into the giveaway I’m hosting over there! 


Feather fun

21 May

I made and finished a few earrings last night. I haven’t been working on new earrings in the last two months or so but I had a custom pair to make, so I got to it. I thought it would be a good idea to add a few pairs (maybe five) to my shop and one or two singles.

The pair on the top left are for someone, but since they seem to be popular I’d like to make a few more similar (but not the same!) and a few variations.

I made the pair underneath last night and they should go live in my shop in a few hours.

The single earring on the right is one I started months ago and never finished until last night. It will also go live in my shop in a few hours.

 {click the photo to go to my shop}

So, how’s everyone’s weekend going? Have fun! xoxo

My creative day

14 Mar

Well, I did bust out the sculpey and a few feathers today. I made 2 little bunnies and I changed the design a little. I’ll paint the whiskers on tomorrow. Also, I made a jackalope pendant. Yes, a jackalope.

The 2 little white bunnies might become necklaces, we’ll see. Or they might end up being rings. The jackalope is definitely getting some eyes and whiskers. I’ll make a few more charms for the necklace he’ll go on tomorrow.

I started a feather earring today too, but my heart just wasn’t in it. I decided if my heart wasn’t there, then it would not be nearly as pretty or special. A sale might get my creative thoughts flowing again… wink. I might take another stab at the flea market, but on a Saturday. For sure.

I really do like Jackalopes. I’d like a kitschy fake one on a wall mount like you see in hunting lodges. I even have a spot for it! For now I’ll settle for this:


Posting on Etsy

12 Mar

I thought since I only had a few items on Etsy, I’d move some things over from Storenvy. It seems the only attention my shop on Storenvy is getting is from other sellers looking at it from the forum! Also, a few of my pieces on Etsy have gotten a few likes and hearts. I thought, maybe I might have a little more luck over there. After all, Etsy is known for handmade and vintage. Now before you go calling me wishy-washy, everything is for sale somewhere and if you want to buy it check both shops. I need to get some things moving. I’ve gotten too many compliments, but not enough interested enough to purchase. I just don’t think the right people have seen my work yet. Here goes!

In other news! It was almost a mail day. The rings supplies I ordered a month ago finally came in BUT the stupid male man we have won’t leave packages in our mail box no matter HOW small they are. We were both home even and he still left a “pick up” card. Idiot. I like our normal mail lady. She leaves us our small packages. I hope the idiot mail man rips his stupid shorts.

I forgot to name this!! Wait!!

10 Mar

I skipped my Spanish class today (wasn’t feeling well) and I came home for a little. I managed to take some pictures of the new earrings. These are the one I just posted in the shop!

Ok, I know these pictures are ginormous, but the internet was not cooperating around here tonight. I’m super sleepy, but I wanted to show everyone these earrings tonight before I crashed.


UPDATE: Phew it worked! I forgot to name this post and hit ‘Publish.’ While it was publishing, I typed what is now the title really quick without thinking. Well, I was thinking, obviously. I typed what I was thinking into the title! Haha

Just real quick

8 Mar

I just dropped the price of all my rings at to $10!

Quick, huh?

Nap time is over

6 Mar

I’m hoping there wasn’t a huge disappointed tone in my last post. I was and still am very disappointed, but I definitely don’t want to pull anyone else’s mood down with me. *thinking happy thoughts*

Since nothing sold today, everything’s is still in stock in both the Storenvy and Etsy shops. I do have a few new pieces to take pictures of and post, but I’ll do that when I’m feeling better. I’m still bummed out. Heck, everything is still in the boot of my car!

I have a bunch of homework to do this week so I don’t see myself making anything new for a few days.

*sigh* dinner?

Round 1: Flea market 1, Jenny 0

6 Mar

Last night I had everything all packed up and ready to go out the door this morning, see?

After I got everything set up this morning I finished a few earrings I had already started and waited for the market to open to the public.

As you can tell from the score above, I didn’t score. Lots of people looked and my work received a lot of compliments. I’ll try again on a Saturday in a few weeks and see how it goes.

Don’t forget to stop my my facebook page for a special discount at my Storenvy shop,