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Florida Botanical Gardens

14 May

On Thursday Chris and I had to get out of the house so we went for a drive. We drove down the beach a ways, past Indian Rocks Beach and ended up on Walsingham Rd in Largo… or was it Seminole? Anyhoo, we turned into the Botanical Gardens which are right next door to Heritage Village. I saw Heritage Village on a local tv station and since then I’ve been wanting to visit. We decided to save it for another day and walk around the gardens instead. It was a beautiful day to just stop and smell the roses. I can promise that I smelled lots of flowers, including roses. Sadly none of the rose photos turned out nicely. We were both caught with our “pants down” errr… rather without our cameras. We went out for a drive without knowing where we’d end up! Those are always the best times. The following pictures are from my iPhone 3G (I’m hoping to upgrade this summer….saving my pennies!)

Since there were so many picture that I just had to share, I put them in a gallery. To make them bigger,  just click! I have one more post for this trip!