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Daily Animal Doodle… Day 9-13

15 Jun

Day 9: Lion

Day 10: Giraffe

Day 11: Whale

Day 12: Donkey

Day 13: Sea Lion

Day 1 BearDay 2 FoxDay 3 PigDay 4 LlamaDay 5 Orangutan, Day 6 Kangaroo, Day 7 Sheep, Day 8 Hedgehog


Daily Animal Doodle… Day 8 Hedgehog

8 Jun

Day 8: Hedgehog

Phew! One week down! Again, if you missed it I’m participating in Paper Sparrow’s Daily Animal Doodle Project. Check out the Flickr group. My favorite drawings so far belong to Rachele from The Nearsighted Owl.

Day 1 BearDay 2 FoxDay 3 PigDay 4 Llama, Day 5 Orangutan, Day 6 Kangaroo, Day 7 Sheep

Daily Animal Doodle… Day 5-7

7 Jun

Whoops! I’ve been a little too busy to post these, so here goes!

Day 5: Orangutan

I didn’t google what they actually looked like. I felt like it would take away from the authenticity of a “doodle.” I could only see King Louie from The Jungle Book in my head and so I went with it!

Day 6: Kangaroo

Day 7: Sheep

Sexy legs on a sheep-ess (or ewe)? Yes.

Day 1 BearDay 2 FoxDay 3 Pig, Day 4 Llama

Daily Animal Doodle… Day 4 (and why it’s a ‘lil late)

5 Jun

Ok, Day 4! Llama. tough. I just finished, technically it’s day 5 right now and I should be drawing an Orangutan (crap!) but because of a drunk chick I am a little behind. I give you My Drunk Kitchen… (a bit of potty mouth, I wouldn’t turn your speakers up if you’re at work.)

Anyhoo, I watched all the videos with Chris. We howled and it was awesome! I can’t wait to give it a go. haha


For more llamas check out the Flickr group.

Day 1 BearDay 2 Fox, Day 3 Pig

Daily Animal Doodle… Day 3 & Munny Show

3 Jun

It’s nerve wracking showing your work to strangers! I haven’t felt nervous the last 2 days with the animal drawings, but I have a few of my custom vinyl toys on shelves. on display. in a record store downtown. for strangers (and a pal or 2). to. see. I have never shown them to anyone besides Chris and his parents may have seen them. I haven’t put them out there or anything else for that matter. What’s my damage? None of the people that are looking at my pieces right now know me or the story behind the toys they’re looking at. I don’t even care if people like them or not, I just feel exposed. This will get easier, right? Anyhoo, they’ll be up for about 2 weeks. So, if you’re in the Tampa Bay area go stare at my munnies at Daddy Kool Records on Central ave. I’ll post a few pictures of the pieces being shown in a day or 2.

Now! Without further delay… Day 3 of Paper Sparrow’s doodle project… I give you PIG!

Day 1 Bear, Day 2 Fox

Daily Animal Doodle… Day 2

2 Jun

Day 2 of the Daily Animal Doodle Project….


Today I used our Bamboo tablet. It was definitely different! Check out the other doodles on the Flickr group!

Day 1 Bear

Daily Animal Doodle… Day 1

1 Jun

Day 1: Bear

Everyday is a new animal! Paper Sparrow’s Daily Animal project is a pretty good way to stretch out your drawing skills whether they be good or not so good. It’ll also be a good opportunity for me to learn how to use my Bamboo tablet and push my pen/pencil further than it’s ever gone before!