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Feather fun

21 May

I made and finished a few earrings last night. I haven’t been working on new earrings in the last two months or so but I had a custom pair to make, so I got to it. I thought it would be a good idea to add a few pairs (maybe five) to my shop and one or two singles.

The pair on the top left are for someone, but since they seem to be popular I’d like to make a few more similar (but not the same!) and a few variations.

I made the pair underneath last night and they should go live in my shop in a few hours.

The single earring on the right is one I started months ago and never finished until last night. It will also go live in my shop in a few hours.

 {click the photo to go to my shop}

So, how’s everyone’s weekend going? Have fun! xoxo


Craft Swap

3 May

On Friday I sent out the piece I made for the craft swap over at Strumpet’s Crumpets blog.

I wanted to wait a little before I posted pictures of it because I wanted it to be a surprise! The theme was Spring, so I decided to make a yarn wreath! My swap partner over at Geek Inspired loves green, so I thought I’d start there.

  • I used a straw wreath and left the plastic on. I did a little reading and others said it was way less messy that way.
  • Those little white thingies mixed in with the flowers? Yep. Goose biots. I do love feathers and I haven’t done much with them lately (darned school work!)…
  • I used a lot of hot glue (and burned myself)
  • The roses are made from felt! Check it out! I learned to make them at the Take Heart blog. (Her blog is G-o-r-g-e-o-u-s!)
Ever since I saw Alycia’s wreath from The Curious Pug I’ve been dying to try my hand. Now I need to make one for my house! I loved making it and I love how it turned out. My only regret? Not taking more pictures and better pictures to show you guys Cheers! xoxo
Update These are what I received in return:

This is why my brain in smush right now

29 Apr

Where have I been! Well… This last week I finished reading Orlando by Virginia Woolf…. and wrote a paper on it. THEN I worked on and finished a researched paper on Beast tales in medieval literature. THEN I wrote a paper for my 3rd Brit Lit class. It was really a draft though. I’m editing it on Sunday to turn in by Wednesday at 6. THEN I have to write a short 2 page paper about what I learned in a class that I actually learned very little in! I took my Spanish final on Wednesday… my foreign language requirement is now complete! Now I only have a final in one of my Brit Lit classes on Tuesday. (I’m taking 3 different Brit Lit classes, all different time periods).

Gaaaaahhhh! I find that the closer I get to finishing my BA, the shorter my attention span gets. I’ve had a few things I’ve been working on latley during my mini breaks from school work. The first little (big) project is I’ve started crocheting 2 blankets. The first one is for Chris and I and the other one is going to be an Xmas present for a lucky pal. Haha I’m only posting pictures of the one I’m working on for Chris and myself. I don’t think the “lucky pal” sees my blog, but I don’t want to accidentally give it away just in case he might look.

The 2nd little project has been for Strumpets Crumpet’s craft swap. With all the school work I had going on I couldn’t really sit down and work on it until yesterday. All that’s left is packing it up and shipping it! I’ll post pictures in a few days because I kinda want it to be a surprise!

Anyhoo, I have quite a bit of cleaning to do today. Happy Friday! xoxo