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The weekend in photos

7 Jun

Last weekend we were busier than I wanted to be haha. Friday night we went to the Munny show (pictures still coming) and Saturday was a car show.

 On Saturday we met up with a few pals at Hollywood Studios for Star Wars Weekends. I high-5ed Chewbacca!


About last night…

2 Apr

I changed my mind, dad-gum-it! A birdy suggested I go to the Jet Reception anyway. For the the free booze if nothing else. It was fun. There were less cars there than last year and I think they tried to compensate by parking bigger jets in the hanger. Haha.

It was still a good time…. until I fell. Boooo. I got my heel caught in a metal grate and went down. Surprisingly, nothing got bruised except my pride. I fell in front of the all carbon fiber Bugatti (I just slobbered on my keyboard thinking about that car again!) Let me just inform everyone: I was not drunk or even close to it. I only had about 1 glass of wine up until then. The pours were on the small side (except the one after the fall, I thought I was going to get the whole bottle!) I simply got up, brushed myself off and laughed about it for the rest of the evening. I was curious how much my dress flew up though. I asked Chris what color my undies were… he was clueless which makes me believe that no one else saw that much either! Huzzah!

This was the giant jet they tried to fill space up with.  Haha

Mmmm Peroni

This bike was painted with all kinds of crazy scenes  that reminded me of Art History class.

Here’s a photo of the yummy Bugatti from Miami in November.

Enough about cars though! I’m going to Disney today!!! Have a happy saturday!