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Crazy things my professors say…

13 Apr

Tonight in class, it occurred to me that the teaching staff at USF St. Pete is way more humorous than the staff at St. Pete College (I went there for my AA). If the SPC teachers are funny, I never saw it.

So here goes:

Bible as Lit, Dr. W suggests we all watch Dogma because Alan Rickman is in it and it’s really funny. He also throws in as a side note that Silent Bob is in the film as well, and it also “very funny.”

Brit/Irish Lit, Dr. W (different than above) makes hilarious references to the movie Office Space when talking about how long essays should be at the minimum. At the beginning of the semester in each class (this is the 3rd class of his I’ve taken) he says, “Don’t get caught wearing the minimum flair!” He compares page count to flair. Haha silly.

Yesterday he compared Nine Inch Nails to the superior/ inferior thoughts in “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock.” I zoned out a little, but it was something along the lines of that insecure feeling conveyed through some of the NIN lyrics and Prufrock’s thoughts.

Brit Lit, Dr. R. has suggested all different sights to see in England throughout the semester. Poet’s Corner, Wordsworth’s home, 221 Baker St….yadda yadda. Tonight she says (in a very up-beat tone) “There is also a night tour that you can go on in London where you are taken to a several spots where Jack the Ripper killed women.” *awkward silence + crickets* Then lots of laughing. You could tell she was in a moment and it was hilarious! She’s so fun. (I’m taking one of her classes in the Fall, too).

Also, while talking about “The Lady of Shalott” she was very excited to talk about Lancelot, almost like he was a literary crush. Don’t hate, everyone has one.

Brit Lit, Dr.C haha where to start! One day he did a really great Obi-Wan impression. “These aren’t the droids you’re looking for” from A New Hope.

There are more, my brain just has water on it right now. So, goodnight! xoxo


Going to try that sleep thing…

13 Mar

I feel as though I have been neglecting this blog. Maybe I will do something creative tomorrow and share it with the world. This weekend was full of beating my head against the Norton Anthology of English Lit. I finished a take home exam too. Yippee!

I still have to finish 2 books and write about them by next week. I tried to read tonight, but this time change thing is messing with me. I’m tired and wide awake at the same time. My poor sick boyfriend is fast asleep, or as fast asleep as he can be whilst kicking a cold in its patoot. I also haz munchies. My inner fat girl needs to calm down because I am not feeding her until tomorrow.

Yesterday I did get to go shopping. Kind of. I used my groupon at Barnes & Noble. I picked up Porno by Irvine Welsh. It is kind of a sequel to Trainspotting and not available for my kindle. Since I still had another $6 to spend I  pick up The Road by Cormac McCarthy. Whether it is available on my kindle or not, I do not care. haha. Of course I won’t get to read either of these until the middle of May, or possibly in August. Or after I graduate. Sad face.

I’m going to try that sleep thing now.

White night!

3 Mar

Tonight after class I decided to work with white sculpey first before any other color. Silly me always starts messing around with white sculpey after I’ve been using colors such as green, black or red. Or any color really. It is so hard sometimes to scrub every scrap of sculpey off of your fingers and hands, so when you start with another color especially white or yellow, you end up with streaks!

Soooo………I used only white tonight and then a teeensy scrap of light pink. I made 3 white roses (and then threw one away. I made the petals to thin and I broke it on the way out of the oven. Whoops!), 2 white bows and a cute little bunny.

I was going to move onto another light color, but honestly I’m tuckered out. The bunny and the bows are in the oven now and when they come out I’m grabbing a book off the shelf and heading to bed. What book? Hard Times by Charles Dickens.

Hopefully I’ll have more ring bases in tomorrow and these new lovelies along with the pearly green roses and bows from last night will go up on Storenvy. I’ll also post some pictures here too. ‘Night white sculpey!

I can’t read numbers!

17 Feb

How about that! I spend all my time reading, reading and reading beautiful works of literature and I can’t read a stinkin’ number! When I ordered the cockateil feathers I didn’t read the description completely. I read the words and skipped over the numbers! I received two of them (that part I got right) but I was expecting them to be at least twice the size they are… 1 7/8″ inches! Not even 2 inches!

The first thought that came to my silly head was, “Dang! That bird must be a teacup bird or something!” Then I remembered birds are teacup sized anyway. Hahaha

I’d google the bird to see how big they are but I don’t feel like giving myself the willies over it. (Birds,  eeeck!) I just always thought those big, scary birds they have out at the pet stores were cockateils.

Oh, well. The tiny feathers are still usable! Then, I ripped open the other package that came in today thinking it had my macaw feathers in it (and I would be ecstatic because that means they were shipped earlier than expected) and there was a stinkin’ camera strap. Not for me! Anyhoo, back to work! I’m starting a paper on Shelley’s Frankenstein and one of Blake’s poems.


23 Jan

Mmmmm luke warm pizza. I woke up around 1:45pm (rough night) and I’m have breakfast/lunch/snack/possibly dinner. I have to  catch up on all the reading and homework I promised myself  I would do on Thursday and Friday. Reading includes Heaney’s translation of “Beowulf”, various poems from the Romantic period and re-reading Conrad’s Heart of Darkness. I read Heart of Darkness last semester. I’m taking the same professor’s Brit Lit class this semester and it’s on his syllabus again. *sigh*

New things that have come my way…

20 Jan

Huzzah! Today the Dunny Azteca II series was released. Chris and I attended a midnight release at Daddy Kool. Someone even brought cupcakes. Perfect: cupcakes and vinyl. I’m not interested in the new Dunny series, I don’t think they were very creative. Some of them don’t even have faces! You have to add them yourself with stickers! For crying out loud, if I wanted to customize a dunny I would (and I have), but I would not pay someone else to start the project for me. Chris picked up a few and luckily he didn’t get any duplicates. I was mainly there for this…

Du-dun-duuuuuhhhh!!! Badtz Maru by Amanda Visell. I collect a lot of AV and of course I love Hello Kitty and all things Sanrio.

The next really awesome new toy I have is my Kindle. I’ve had it for a week now and I heart it. I love books. Unfortunately, with our ever growing vinyl  collection I have less and less space for another book shelf. The one we have is full, but not stuffed. Yet. I’m an English Lit major… that means lots and lots of books. Big obnoxious anthologies and skinny little novels. A Kindle was a smart buy because now it gives me tons of space for all the books I could ever want! I even made my own sleeve for it.

Imagine squeezing ALL those books into that little thing. I know, I’m excited too.

The last fun thing is just a little one. I’m easily amused and I love tequila. Especially Patrón Café. Yum-o. I receive little bits from the Patrón Social Club now and then and today I found a cute little key chain in the mail box.

Nice, dark picture so you can see all the detail put into it. It’s a little on the heavy side. On the back is the bee logo, mind the finger prints. (They didn’t send me the bottle…. I wish! It was just an empty.)

If you’d like to receive little treasures from Patrón sign up (and drink up) here. They even sent me a bundt cake for 2 for my birthday.