A little about me…

I’m a junior at USF and It looks like I’ll be graduating in Spring 2012. I make jewelry. My favorite materials are feathers, polymer clay and glass beads. Check out my shop on Etsy.

I like lots of different things including critters. At my house we have 3 ferrets, 2 cats, 3 geckos, 2 bearded dragons, 2 veiled chameleons and 2 turtles. All of them have their proper spaces and are stuffed full of food everyday.

Other things I like include cupcakes, Disney World, crafty stuff, reading, soft fur, beer, a bottle of wine to myself, vinyl toys, customizing vinyl toys. (I don’t get a lot of time during the semester to work on toys, so I mostly save that for summer, winter and spring break.)

I like baking cupcakes and dreaming about eating them all by myself.

We have annual passes to Disney here in Florida and go A LOT! I love love love roller coasters.

I have to like to read! I chose to major in English Literature. I’ve always liked reading.

I like to taste a lot of beer. I’ve had some REALLY bad ones, but I’ve also had a lot of REALLY good ones. I’m a part-time wino, too. I love squished grapes any day of the week.


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