Fill in the Blanks Wednesday!

6 Apr
1.   The best prank I ever pulled was …hasn’t been pulled yet! One day I will definitely pull the ultimate, but until then my favorite little one was how I wrapped a few things at christmas this year. I wrapped Chris’s Mom’s Ghirredelli cocoa can inside of a larger Wal-mart cocoa can. Haha and his Dad’s favorite jelly beans inside of an empty tea carton. Oh, my sides ache!
2.  The best prank ever pulled on me was probably so bad that I still don’t know it happened. I don’t usually get pranked.
3.  A day without at least one laughing fit that leaves my abs crying  is a day wasted. I’ve been wasting a lot of days lately.
4.  The most important things in life are the little things. So cliché, I know. BUT cats and ferrets are little. The words “I love you” are little and time is short, therefore it is also little. So, the little things like having people who love you around (cats and ferrets totally count) make life livable.
5.  I dream of living up to my own standards of happiness, even though they are ridiculously unreal. Also, finishing college and having a posh job that all I have to do is sit and look pretty would be great.
6.  I dread research papers.
7. A discovery I made this week was….. Here’s the deal. I’m a “blonde.” I don’t have blonde hair, but occasionally my brain slips into that typical blonde (stereotype) mentality. I’m not saying all people with blonde hair are dumb, they aren’t. So every week there is a new discovery. More recently I discovered that the white inside of a Cadbury egg is the “white” and the strange orange part that I never knew if it was supposed to taste like orange or not was really just the “yolk.”

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