Everything is a remix

21 Mar

There’s nothing like having all the blood rush to your head! That’s what it feels like when someone makes me so mad and I can’t say anything back! Oh, well. I’m sure somebody will read this and that gives me the last laugh. Just keep in mind, everything is a remix. Vague right? I’m trying not to say something really mean. If you think about it though….everything is a remix. Everything changes and evolves from one mind to the next. Everyone has a different spin on everything. So get used to it. Did you know the first hot dog was actually made out of peanut butter? It was peanut butter shaped like what we now call a hot dog. It was used in a hospital for patients on a special diet. Now hot dogs are made from all kinds of animal parts. Heck there are even vegan dogs all over again. See what I mean? How things change from one person to the next? No one really owns the concept of the hot dog.


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