New workspace!

10 Mar

Yea! I went to Ikea today I and bought a workspace for myself. I’ve been using a tiny round table for homework and making jewelry. While it is a beautiful antique table, it hasn’t been working out. Sometimes I use the kitchen table, but then it becomes a messy catch-all. Instead of buying a desk, I went to the scratch-and-dent section and bought something that looks like it was supposed to be a desk or maybe the side of a shelving unit. It’s finished white and it is 29.5X49 inches. I don’t know. All I know is it fits nicely over top the little round table.

I wasn’t too bad in Ikea. I could easily spend more than 4 people earn in one year there. I bought the desktop, 3 little stuffed toys for Cinque and Cheetara, a candle and a bath mat. Oh and a mat to work with sculpey and not ruin the new desk AND a tea leaf thingy. Well, done. Go me!


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