White night!

3 Mar

Tonight after class I decided to work with white sculpey first before any other color. Silly me always starts messing around with white sculpey after I’ve been using colors such as green, black or red. Or any color really. It is so hard sometimes to scrub every scrap of sculpey off of your fingers and hands, so when you start with another color especially white or yellow, you end up with streaks!

Soooo………I used only white tonight and then a teeensy scrap of light pink. I made 3 white roses (and then threw one away. I made the petals to thin and I broke it on the way out of the oven. Whoops!), 2 white bows and a cute little bunny.

I was going to move onto another light color, but honestly I’m tuckered out. The bunny and the bows are in the oven now and when they come out I’m grabbing a book off the shelf and heading to bed. What book? Hard Times by Charles Dickens.

Hopefully I’ll have more ring bases in tomorrow and these new lovelies along with the pearly green roses and bows from last night will go up on Storenvy. I’ll also post some pictures here too. ‘Night white sculpey!


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