Today’s agenda! (and mail)

24 Feb

1. Check the mail

2. Organize the tables in the kitchen so I have homework and work space today. (we have 2, one for dinner, the other is small and round & functions as my desk. We chucked my desk when I moved in with Chris, no room!)

3. Halfway through organizing the tables run and check the mail if the box was empty the first time.

4. Homework first! I have a bit of Spanish to do and I have to revise my essay for Brit Lit then drive it downtown tomorrow and find my prof.’s office (again) and turn it in. I have some reading for my other Brit Lit class but since I’m a slacker I’ll wait until the last minute.

5. Check the mail on the way out the door to Michael’s. That is only if the box was empty the  first 2 times. I have to pick up black leather lacing for the peacock feathers I’ll be using today.

**************going to check the mail***********************

(nothing yet!)

6. Start putting feathers together!

So, why check the mail so much? I’m expecting a few packages, even though they were shipped only yesterday. Somehow I think the more i check the box, the faster they’ll get here. Shut up. I’m excited. hahaha

The first batch of ring bases I ordered are on a tug boat from China. Boooo So yesterday I found someone in the states selling them. They’re a slightly different style but they will work just fine. They should be here tomorrow or Saturday. (I’ll still check the box even after the mail has been delivered)

What do I do when there is no mail? I tell myself “no news is good news!) then I pout for a few minutes until something shiny catches my eye. Have fun today!

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