Peacock feathers and pink hair!

24 Feb

I finally got around to finishing the piece with the pink synthetic hair. I made it a clip instead of an earring because who really has hot pink hair coming from their ears? Right. I also got around to finishing the peacock earring I started last week too. I found some pheasant feathers today with pretty blues and greens in them. I’ll post a bad picture of the hair clip tonight, but i will post better ones tomorrow when Ican take pictures of it in natural lighting. I’m posting pictures of the peacock earring tonight, but I’m taking different pictures of it to list on storenvy tomorrow. (You’ll see why.)

(Click images to view larger, it’s fun)

As you can see, when I take pictures inside I don’t have a lot of options to hand earrings from. I really don’t want to post pictures like that in my shop. The blog is even pushing it! That is going to have to change. Why do I have a few empty beer bottles on the window sill in the kitchen? I like their labels! So be to check my shop tomorrow for these newest editions and look for me on Facebook!


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