I can’t read numbers!

17 Feb

How about that! I spend all my time reading, reading and reading beautiful works of literature and I can’t read a stinkin’ number! When I ordered the cockateil feathers I didn’t read the description completely. I read the words and skipped over the numbers! I received two of them (that part I got right) but I was expecting them to be at least twice the size they are… 1 7/8″ inches! Not even 2 inches!

The first thought that came to my silly head was, “Dang! That bird must be a teacup bird or something!” Then I remembered birds are teacup sized anyway. Hahaha

I’d google the bird to see how big they are but I don’t feel like giving myself the willies over it. (Birds,  eeeck!) I just always thought those big, scary birds they have out at the pet stores were cockateils.

Oh, well. The tiny feathers are still usable! Then, I ripped open the other package that came in today thinking it had my macaw feathers in it (and I would be ecstatic because that means they were shipped earlier than expected) and there was a stinkin’ camera strap. Not for me! Anyhoo, back to work! I’m starting a paper on Shelley’s Frankenstein and one of Blake’s poems.


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