Slow feathers and fast cars…

8 Feb

I know I only ordered my new feathers on Sunday night, but I’ve been checking the mailbox like a mad-woman! I’m really excited and I’m hoping that once I get more things made they might get noticed. I also opened a shop at Storenvy. I don’t have anything listed yet (waiting on my new feathers!) but you can find my shop at

These are just some of the pretties I ordered

On another note… have you ever had to jump out of a plane without feeling confident you could open your own chute? Well, I for one haven’t but it’s going to  feel like that Thursday morning. I’ve been learning digital photography at my own pace and my lovely boyfriend has been very patient teaching me. Every year he goes out and shoots the Honda Grand Prix in St. Petersburg, this year he was asked to cover the “construction kick-off” ground-breaking/ribbon cutting thingy. Since he works Mon-Fri, 8-5 he can’t be there. Guess who has to fill in. Yep, me. I’m sure I’ll be fine, I’m just used to having him behind me telling me, “Hey! change your shutter speed!” I’ll probably feel better this evening once I know exactly what I’m supposed to do (besides hold a camera, look pretty and take pretty pictures). Ack!


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