Cats hate water. Ask me how I know.

3 Feb

I bathed all the animals with fur in the house today… ahahaha 2 of my 3 ferrets swim like otters in the bathtub and both of the cats hate my guts more and more each minute they are in the tub. The ferrets got their baths first and they dry pretty quick but I managed to snap pics of the drenched and angry kitties.

This is Cheetara, she went first…

This is Cinque, he went next. He’s easier to rinse because he does not have a tail.

I really don’t like bathing the cats. They make it so miserable! I really can’t understand why domestic cats are such chickens and wild cats swim all day. I think this time was the first time I have EVER bathed an animal and walked away unscathed. No scratches, bruises or bruised tail bones (don’t ask).


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