Kitties and Stickers

27 Jan

I loooove my kitties. Especially Cheetara. She’s currently sitting on my lap. I like to think she knows I feel like garbage and I want attention.

I went to donate blood today and didn’t quite get to finish. My veins are small and they roll all over the place so after sticking me, the vampire had to dig in my arm to find a vein. (I call the people that work at blood banks ‘vampires’ because it’s funny and most of them think so too.) Anyway, about half-way through I started feeling  woozy and lightheaded. That never happens to me! I bleed like a champ! No. really I’ve always had an easy time with donating. Now my arms hurts and I’m starving. I did ask before I left if they had a basement. I got a funny look. Then I asked if vampires raved there at night. Then I got a laugh. Ahahaha *knees slap*

Kittie just stretched and jumped down. After the blood bank I walked over to Michael’s (it’s next door) and pick up an eyelet stomper-thing. I needed one.

Last thing I’m gonna say (now the other cat is bothering me. I say ‘bothering’ because he is laying on my chest. His little body is under my chin and choking me)… when Chris and I were in Miami back in November we were at a shop that is sadly no longer there called Pink Ghost. (They still have an online shop). In the back of the store was a little slice of a girl selling the cutest stickers EVER. Por ejemplo:


Her name is Valentina and she is an award winning vector pop-art designer / illustrator /entrepreneur. You can find her at her site here.

Ok, time for dinner!


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