More new stuff!

21 Jan

I don’t usually get to shop a lot anymore (except at the supermarket) but I found a few deals I could NOT pass up. We went to the mall tonight looking for sneakers (not for me, frown) and ended up in PacSun. LOTS of stuff on sale. The girl stuff was an additional 50% off the clearance price while the guys was only 30%. I found 3 bags that would have normally cost around $70-$80 all together. I got them for under $6 (including tax). They were just really super clearanced already. 

I got this one for a $1.50, regular $19.50

This one was another $1.50, regular $24.50

This last one was $2.50. The original tag was gone so I’m not sure what the regular price was. I would guess $39.50 based on the brand and size.

The inside has a really fun turquoise lining.


Chris spent about $45 on a pair of Bullhead jeans and a pair of really cool DC sneakers. Sweet!


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