New things that have come my way…

20 Jan

Huzzah! Today the Dunny Azteca II series was released. Chris and I attended a midnight release at Daddy Kool. Someone even brought cupcakes. Perfect: cupcakes and vinyl. I’m not interested in the new Dunny series, I don’t think they were very creative. Some of them don’t even have faces! You have to add them yourself with stickers! For crying out loud, if I wanted to customize a dunny I would (and I have), but I would not pay someone else to start the project for me. Chris picked up a few and luckily he didn’t get any duplicates. I was mainly there for this…

Du-dun-duuuuuhhhh!!! Badtz Maru by Amanda Visell. I collect a lot of AV and of course I love Hello Kitty and all things Sanrio.

The next really awesome new toy I have is my Kindle. I’ve had it for a week now and I heart it. I love books. Unfortunately, with our ever growing vinyl  collection I have less and less space for another book shelf. The one we have is full, but not stuffed. Yet. I’m an English Lit major… that means lots and lots of books. Big obnoxious anthologies and skinny little novels. A Kindle was a smart buy because now it gives me tons of space for all the books I could ever want! I even made my own sleeve for it.

Imagine squeezing ALL those books into that little thing. I know, I’m excited too.

The last fun thing is just a little one. I’m easily amused and I love tequila. Especially Patrón Café. Yum-o. I receive little bits from the Patrón Social Club now and then and today I found a cute little key chain in the mail box.

Nice, dark picture so you can see all the detail put into it. It’s a little on the heavy side. On the back is the bee logo, mind the finger prints. (They didn’t send me the bottle…. I wish! It was just an empty.)

If you’d like to receive little treasures from Patrón sign up (and drink up) here. They even sent me a bundt cake for 2 for my birthday.



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